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The name “nutraceutical” is a combination of the words “nutrient” and “pharmaceutical.” A nutrient is a nourishing component present in food, whereas a pharmaceutical is a drug used to treat illness. Nutraceuticals are used as preventative measures because diet can have a significant impact on a person’s health.


The creation of nutritional supplements offers hope for improved health. It is our hope that manufacturing sectors would take advantage of this chance to provide high-quality ingredients by recommending the usage of nutraceuticals extensively.

Carotenoids, such as lycopene

Dietary enzymes, such as papain and bromelain

Hydrolyzed proteins

Mineral supplements

Phytonutrients, such as resveratrol

Prebiotic and probiotic supplements

Dietary fibre supplements

Vitamin supplements

Nutraceuticals are a potential source of supplementary nutrition for consumers. If a consumer’s diet isn’t providing them with all the vitamins and nutrients their bodies need, nutraceuticals may be of assistance. Customers who are treating an injury or disease or putting greater physical demand on their bodies may discover that nutraceuticals are advantageous because these circumstances may increase the number of nutrients our systems need.

Difference Between Nutraceuticals and Pharmaceuticals?

Pharmaceuticals are synthetic versions of the natural components the body needs to stay healthy and avoid disease, whereas nutraceuticals are standardised nutrition.

The fact that physicians are flocking to this market and that the number of Americans utilising dietary supplements is increasing says a lot about how effective nutraceuticals are seen to be. Some physicians are increasingly advising nutraceuticals in place of pharmaceuticals since they can help patients avoid disease and reach their optimal levels of health.

Nutraceuticals are increasingly being used in anti-aging products. Consumers are drawn to the idea of taking a pill every morning to avoid age spots, grey hair, and wrinkles.

More and more pet owners are treating their four-legged companions like family.

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The Hemp Farm Bill has made it possible for businesses who use hemp in their products to legally cultivate it on their own property.

Sports nutrition isn’t just for people who enjoy working out. Additionally, this sector caters to customers of all ages and fitness levels.

Numerous clients buy their nutraceuticals from local health food stores or over the counter. Unfortunately, if a customer purchases one of these products without completely comprehending how the nutraceutical works, they may not experience the desired results. Maybe they purchased the bad item or utilised the incorrect dosage. Unfortunately, this can induce consumers to stop using nutraceuticals since they believe the supplements have no therapeutic benefits.

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Our objective is to help our customers in the natural health sector run their businesses more efficiently and profitably by offering them top-notch services, nutraceutical product manufacturing, and safe working conditions. We strive to offer outcomes with private label supplement manufacturers in North America to our customers as one of the most well-known contract supplement manufacturers in Canada.

Our team will work closely to ensure your project is delivered on time. The lead time depend on various factors such as the formulation, Order Quantity, Availability of raw material & type of packaging required. Project manager is assigned for every project once the order is confirmed, who will be in constant touch with your team to ensure project is delivered ahead of time. The lead time for some generic products can be as low as 2-3 weeks. Please reach out to our operations team for your requirements to be delivered on time.
Our Research and Development team has more then a decade of experience developing one of the most successful formulations in nutraceutical Industry. We have companies coming to us just with the idea of the product and we work closely to develop formulation based on their requirements. We have a team of pharmacists and Nutritionists who will ensure all formulation and ingredients are as per Health Canada and FDA norms & regulations. If you have your own formulation and needs a modification for better results, we will do the needful to deliver the best results for your customers.
Our MOQ’s are best in the industry. Minimum Order size depends on the formulation. For instance, if you proceed with our huge range of readymade formulations , we can offer minimum order as low as 250 units. Our MOQ for most generic products are 1000 units. If you are a Startup, we got you! we will ensure you can enter the market with the least capital to invest.
We do offer storage of finished goods at our facility. Most finished products can be stored for 2- 3 weeks without any additional charges depending on the floor space available. If you need storage for a longer duration, we do offer a paid storage service with best affordable rates in the market and can provide fulfilment as soon as you need it
All products are made as per Good Manufacturing Practices. Products are manufactured in a Health Canada and FDA approved facilities abiding all rules and regulations. Our Quality Control department work with top class Laboratories, Researchers, Nutritionists and Doctors to ensure compliance of your product.
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