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In today’s dietary and supplement market, gummies are on top priority playing a major role. They have expanded themselves in nutraceutical products. It is expected that this market will grow by 6% for sure. You can trust us to help you create a gummy vitamin that will be loved by your target audience. We have all of the capabilities needed for manufacturing, including sourcing ingredients from suppliers and post-filling inspection; we do it quickly so as not to interrupt production schedules. We are the leading gummy contract manufacturers in Canada and USA manufacturing nutraceuticals for businesses.

We have been bestowed with the privilege of manufacturing vitamins, fibres, and calcium-based gummies. With our state-of-art facility, we can manufacture the WHO-GMP certified gummies assuring high-quality and you can sell our manufactured products under your name. We can take bulk orders as per your needs and with the advice and guidance of our experts, you can gain more knowledge about formulations. Besides that, we also take care of your marketing and branding. Choosing us as your partner is beneficial in every way.

Choose Nutriza as your gummy contract manufacturer

At Nutriza, our team promises 100% commitment and customer service with quality and innovation at its best. We are at your help, and choosing us as your gummy vitamin manufacturing partner will be the best decision to turn your ideas into reality. Being one of the best and leading manufacturers of gummies and supplements in Canada and USA, we can take the contract of manufacturing gummies for your business. Let us help you in Scaling your business, we can customize the manufacturing according to your specific requirements. We know, it gets hard to manufacture a quality product with the additional burden of appropriate machinery-approved ingredients, etc. That is why we step in as your custom gummy manufacturing partners.

Another challenge is providing custom flavouring options. Our team of expert manufacturers works hard to provide you with a handful of flavouring options for your gummies. You have a better knowledge of your target audience and are in the authority to decide which will work best for them.

How are gummies manufactured?

The process of gummy formation begins by customizing the chemical composition as preferred by our client. After obtaining the perfect chemical composition, we start working with you to determine the flavour most preferred by your consumers. Once the basics are taken care of, we proceed with the first iteration of bulk production.
However, we stay stocked with all of the popular options in the market, our team specializes in creating a custom solution at the snap of a finger.

What makes you choose us?

  • We are unique in a way because we bring forward expert resources at every stage of development and production.
  • All our products are FDA approved, and as per the industry requirements.
  • We have technologically advanced equipment to manufacture the products.
  • We can make customized products from the raw materials that you want.
It’s time to get your gummies. Contact us now