If you are looking for liquid nutraceuticals to amaze your customers, Nutriza is the right place to be. We are a team of nutraceutical manufacturers who can deliver bulk nutraceutical supplements. We are among the leading nutraceutical manufacturers in the Canadian market. We know it becomes a daunting task to trust the best nutraceutical supplement providers when there is cutting-edge competition overall. We are FDA-approved and GMB compliant nutraceutical liquid manufacturers in Canada and USA and assure you of the product quality and reliability.

 Our team has adequate knowledge of formulations as well as marketing skills to sell a product. We understand labelling, printing, and graphic designing are crucial parts, and we offer those services as well. If you are looking for a partner who can manufacture liquid supplements as per your given formulations, look no further than Nutriza.

 We have the potential to provide your nutraceutical orders in bulk. You can consider us as your contract manufacturing partners. Our high-speed production is equipped with cutting-edge technology, and we can manufacture a wide range of products like syrups, liquid dietary supplements. read to drink beverages, nutritious drinks, etc. Now, you don’t have to worry about the formulations because you can send us the customized formulations, and we will deliver them to you.

Formulation of Liquid Supplements

When you are developing a liquid supplement, there are extra challenges in maintaining the suspension and stability levels. Our experienced research team can help find out what type of base, preservatives or pH level is best for your active ingredients so they stay effective over time while also being tasty. We ensure to do additional testing to make these supplements last long on store shelves. We believe in transparency and that’s why we share the exact details of our whole manufacturing process.

Additionally, we provide you with popular flavouring options for your liquid nutraceutical. Just after the formation of the custom formula is preferred by our client, we begin to work with them on the most suitable flavouring options for their consumers. We present them with a handful of them and let them decide what works best for their target audience.

Our process

Blending is essential for an even distribution of ingredients in each bottle. We ensure to distribute the ingredients evenly in the liquid supplements. Once all ingredients have been blended, they are carefully filled into a bottle of your choosing. We offer amazing packaging options that will make sure to display it beautifully on the shelf. Then the bottles are polished and given a final inspection for any imperfections. We are proud to provide you with pharmaceutical-grade quality assurance. After the liquid is manufactured, we run identity and potency tests as well as micro-and heavy metal analyses for safety purposes –
We ensure to strictly adhere to Good manufacturing practices. A structured set of quality assurance and control procedures are followed to manufacture high-quality liquid supplements. This makes us different from other manufacturers. You don’t have to worry when Nutriza is your contract manufacturing partner.