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Trusted Protein powder manufacturers in Canada and USA

Connect with us and join those who trust Nutriza for Protein powder manufacturing. Our best-in-class product development can help you in establishing your protein supplement in the market. If you are trying to scale up your nutraceutical business contact us because our experienced team can help you with any powder formulation. As your powder manufacturing partner, we can work with you for the long term to deliver quality products. We are always ready to manufacture the powdered proteins as per your given formulation. We take pride in being the leading protein powder manufacturers in Canada and USA because our high-quality products are always different from the rest.

We provide customized flavouring for your protein powder. We keep stock of the popular protein options available in the market and also allow you to customize them by mixing from a variety of ingredients that include whey protein, hydrolyzed collagen, supper greens, rice, pea and other plant-based proteins. Our team specializes in adjusting the manufacturing schedule according to the demand of the client.
Have you checked out our labelling and packaging services? If not, make sure you check that because we provide incredible label-making services. Our products comply with all the required FDA label regulations. We can cater to you with powder supplements made of vegan-friendly, soy-based, whey-based, etc.
Packaging and labelling are essential for the branding of your product. Our award-winning label and graphic design team excel at providing high-quality packaging for your product to make it stand out in the market. They also improvise your specific requirements such as adding your website URL, brand name and brand logo on the labelling of the finished product.

What is the process of custom powder manufacturing?

First of all the formulation of custom protein powder catering to your business’s specific demands is created. Once the protein formula is found a series of different flavours is created. We put you in the authority to choose one that suits most the demand of your target audience.
Once done with the formulation and the flavouring the blending of the formulated solution takes place. Once you approve of a flavouring option for the liquid nutraceutical we begin with the blending process. During the blending process, random samples are tested to ensure a homogeneous blend and even distribution of the ingredients. After blending the product is sent for packaging and labelling process. At the end of the manufacturing process, the product is tested for any defect that might occur from the manufacturing process.

What do we provide?

You can expect unique flavouring options because we manufacture unmatched protein powders in the industry. From a wide variety of options available you can choose multiple product options for you. Along with custom manufacturing, we also provide round-the-clock customer service. We have our deep roots in nutraceutical manufacturing, and it sets us apart from others. We can add favours to your products to make your brand a success. Before providing the supplements to you, they undergo stringent testing and quality control to ensure healthy nutraceutical supplements that possess quality.