Nutriza Leading Nutraceutical manufacturing company in Canada and USA provides complete assistance to all Nutraceutical B2B merchants.

Soft gelatin or soft gel capsule refers to the solid capsule coming with a semi-solid or liquid center. They are used as a solution for a wide range of challenges. As a soft gel manufacturer, we very well know the stability characteristics and considerations needed to produce these products.

Nutriza is one of the leading softgel manufacturers in Canada and USA, and we are exceptional because of our manufacturing capabilities. We help different businesses by offering contract manufacturing services. Our sagacious team of experts has proper knowledge of formulations, and we can even customize the formulations as per your requirements. Our manufacturing is unbeatable, and that is why we are the first choice of many small and large-scale nutraceutical organizations.

Our employees have more than a decade of experience in formulating soft gel capsules and other vitamins. Nutraceutical supplements are gaining more popularity, and organizations that lack manpower can contact us for a bulk soft gel manufacturing order. As per our quality control is considered, we take special care of it.

Our products have reasonable costs and are quality assured. It makes us the most trusted softgel manufacturers in Canada and USA. We manufacture soft gel capsules in different sizes, and if you desire to manufacture capsules of a particular size, we can do that too. We manufacture round, oval, oblong, tube soft gel capsules. In addition to it, we offer effective packaging and labelling services to the clients. We know the importance of packaging, and that is why we provide top-class packaging to our clients to maintain integrity and reliability in the market. We manufacture and deliver the supplements within the stipulated time frame because we understand the value of time, money and delivery.
We have been manufacturing these products after decades of testing, developing, producing, and customizing soft gels for our customers. As the soft gel comes in different shapes, it fits well for customers of different age groups. That makes it easy for the consumer to swallow the pills. With this flexible design, we get extended options for the sizes, colours, and shapes of a gel capsule.


We take pride in calling ourselves the leading manufacturers and suppliers of pharmaceutical products, including Softgel. We hold the needed certification to extend third-party manufacturing. That allows us to assure your potential customers about the standards maintained in the terms of purity, quality, and potency.
Packaging is another essential element to take care of along with the quality of products. Taking care of top-class packaging, we increase the lifespan of the drugs. For this reason, we take care of the reliability and integrity of every product. We ensure the safety and stability of the product we deal in.
Take a look at what we offer in our packaging process:
  • Non-toxic and medical grade materials
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Excellent barrier for oxygen and moisture
  • Customized material of packaging
  • Certified materials for manufacturing