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Nutriza Leading Nutraceutical manufacturing company in Canada and USA provides complete assistance to all Nutraceutical B2B merchants.

From blending the capsules to encapsulating them, we do our job perfectly. Nutriza provides capsule manufacturing services for all the nutraceutical businesses striving to lift their businesses. We are FDA-approved and GMP compliant nutraceutical capsule manufacturers in Canada and USA and assure to provide higher-quality products for your success. If any product development idea has stuck in your mind, you can take our help to establish that into the market efficiently.

We at Nutriza excel at formulating any nutraceutical formula and delivering it at the best prices and fastest lead times. We can assist you to formulate a new product catered to the demand of your target audience. Once done with the process of formulation the process of encapsulation begins. There are various capsule shell solutions we provide you with including gelatin, vegetable and pullulan capsule shells.

After the completion of the encapsulation process, the process of polishing the capsule surface begins. Each capsule is checked and polished of any unnecessary powder that has remained at the surface of the capsule. It is double-checked for any defects in the manufacturing process before it is sent for final testing. At this stage, random samples of the finished product undergo potency, micro and heavy metal tests to ensure pharmaceutical grade quality.

Are you looking to level up your business? If yes, then we are here to help you. We know what it takes to excel in the business of capsule and multivitamin manufacturing. Our marketing-focused team puts all the effort into making great designs and labels to make your product successfully stand in the market. As a trusted and leading nutraceutical manufacturer in Canada and USA, we can manufacture as per your requirements in both small and large quantities.

Catering to the demand of the consumer’s nutraceutical capsules have evolved a lot. They are now available in different shapes and sizes for brands to distinguish between the products available in the market. At Neutriza, we develop a variety of materials to meet the demand of your specific consumers.
Another emerging trend in the nutraceutical market is the usage of colour and print graphics to differentiate different brands. We provide plenty of acceptable colour options to choose from, including natural colourants. It puts a visual impact on the consumers and makes them remember the brand. Additionally, we enable you to add additional information such as brand names, web addresses or logos to make your product stand out in the nutraceutical market.

When it comes to multivitamin manufacturing we can handle its preparation in bulk. We remain stocked with the most popular multivitamins that are already present in the market. If you have your custom formulation, we can assure you with that on time. Being the best multivitamin manufacturer in Canada and USA, we can even help you formulate a new multivitamin product. We specialize in manufacturing multivitamin capsules, and you can customize the size as per your choice. It is only a half battle because the packaging is the strongest punch. Being blessed with the best and most experienced packaging and graphic design team, we take pride in providing these services.