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Contract Manufacturing

One stop solution for all your contract manufacturing needs.

Packaging and Labelling

We provide packaging in all shape, Size and Types

NPN & FSRN Applications

We can apply for NPN and FSRN number for our clients.

Export Documentations

We can assist you to prepare all export documentation required.

Site Licensing Applications

We can assist in applying site license application for our customers.

Label Designing

We can design labels as per your choice for your products.
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Packaging and labeling for nutraceutical supplements

We offer a broad selection of unique packaging options in a range of sizes, shapes, colours, and formats. We sell bottles, jars, blister packs, pouches, tubes, and cartons in bulk. We provide in both small and large quantities depending on your needs.

Label Designing

We provide specialized labelling services, including label creation and printing for client brands. With our top-notch designing and labelling services, we help new and small businesses build their brands.

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Formulation Development

Our team of pharmacists, biologists, and nutritionists is committed to creating a special formulation for your product. For the purpose of delivering solutions that meet your technological and commercial expectations, our staff will fully comprehend your particular requirements and budget.

Regulations and Compliance Consulting

Our legal advisory team will help you with your NPN applications to make sure that Health Canada and USA fully approves and grants permission for the sale and distribution of your product. We guarantee that the product label complies with all federal health regulations.

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Technical Writing scaled

Technical Writing

We will help you with producing technical material, developing standard operating procedures (SOPs), creating HR policies, and creating application forms. Use blogs, internet material, and other writing to expand your brand.

Processing & Fulfillment

We have a complete facility to store nutraceutical items in warehouses with stringent humidity and temperature controls.

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Documents for Export

We help international producers obtain the Foreign Site Reference Number (FSRN) needed to export their goods to Canada and USA. We guarantee that all of our exporters adhere to the GMP standards set by the NNHPD.

Applications for Site Licensing

Being in the nutraceutical industry, we have seasoned professionals who help our customers obtain a Health Canada and USA site license. In order to register their products both domestically and internationally, we also assist our clients in the preparation of technical information such as analytical certificates, stability tests, raw materials, and completed product standards.

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